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Payroll Application

Payslips are a basic component for an employees’ document since his compensation related data will be given on the payslip which includes the gross pay, net pay and deductions dependent on which he can do his income tax derivatives. Generally any HR has the dreary assignment of producing the compensation slip physically for every employee and uses spreadsheet for computing the components of the salary.

TD Free Payroll Application, a web based HR Software gives employer extremely helpful configurable software for creating Payslip for workers. Toolsdrive can process bulk employee data when the input is given as per the excel format suggested.

Tools Drive Payroll application is an online software solution which has payroll processing module that facilitates the relentless undertaking of monthly payroll process. Our payroll system is intended to suit each little, fair sized and huge organization to help reduce time taken for their monthly payroll process and consequently adding to the efficiency of the workforce thereby increasing the company’s profits.

Our payroll system is proficient in a wide assortment of undertakings including employee management, attendance management, computing salary components; calculate over time pay, following leaves, advances, creating payslips with proper EPF, ESI and tax deductions.

Our payroll application is good with any sort of industry. It is multi-client, multi-organization application and can keep up records of around 500 employees one after another. Its development highlights make it simple for managers to set user level authorizations and access rights and keep up a review trails. TD Payroll system can be refreshed routinely for customary updates when tax and different figures change, and when there are modifications to acts.

In generally enormous and medium companies payroll is a fundamental month to month process, which is genuinely normal in nature. Contingent upon the size and nature of the company, this action can be laden with complexities related to salary calculations, deductions and statutory guidelines. Likewise, there also exist a few routine procedures like leave management, income tax calculation, repayments and routine HR correspondence which are tedious and blunder prone. Toolsdrive is a finished HR finance programming that offers companies value for cash and also pertinent regardless of industry vertical, in contrast to most other payroll system.

In manual information preparing, mistakes can’t be controlled and worker and company’s information can be undermined. On the off chance if the leave and attendance are confused, workers can get less or more pay and overabundance disbursal, presenting superfluous issues. To add to this, manual data entry takes unwieldy hours and drudge to make and is vulnerable to misusing.

ToolsDrive payroll application presents highlight of customized payslip generation. With the assistance of which, the employer can modify the header, earnings, deduction and footer part of the payslip. The tool has been designed to suit any company’s hierarchical systems. The payslip data and other significant insights about pay, the compensation slips can be kept reliant on any person of authority like human resource manager or the company executive who would be able to practice authority over the worker payslips. On the other hand, the employees can likewise have their individual login to the portal where they can download copies of their payslips and track attendance.

Toolsdrive is a one stop answer for start to finish HR Process. Our online tool will support little and fair sized organizations for dealing with their worker information and computerized payroll process. Our portal helps you keep complete worker data readily available and oversee and access all the indispensable information about your workers on the web. Employer can also keep up and track data of every one of their workers.

Following are the key features of our online HR software.

  • Leave Management: Employers can create and oversee diverse leave types in the software.
  • Employee Management: By using TD Payroll All your worker information can be viewed at one spot, regardless of where you are accessing it from.
  • Attendance Management: Employees can Clock-in/Clock-out for their daily attendance, Apply leaves and even check notice/news.
  • Payroll Management: Payroll is a strategy for managing workers’ salaries in a company.
  • HR Management: Vital way to deal with the management of people in an organization.
  • E-Staff Portal: Employees can access their own attendance, leave requests, and payslip

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