What is Image compression?

Enhancing web pictures is a procedure of delivering great pictures in the correct configuration, measurement, and resolution and in the same time keeping the size smallest as possible.

Image enhancement is possible in various manners – by resizing the pictures, reserving / caching, or by compressing the size. Tools drive offers a free Image compressor online tool, which optimizes pictures utilizing a perfect compression calculation.

Utilizing this free online image compressor tool, you can resize, compress and optimize your picture documents. Using this free online tool is as simple as clicking a button! Optimized images are more suitable for site pages, email connections, or even disk storage. Check it now!

Tools Drive’s online Image optimizer (compressor) supports PNG, JPG/JPEG and GIF images. On bulk compression the output files can be downloaded as ZIP file.

Tools drive’s Image Compressor is a free online device for resizing and compressing your digital photographs and images for showing on the websites, forum pages, or for sending by email. This online tool is totally free and this requires no software download. The tool also supports bulk compression of upto 10 images with maximum size of 10 MB each.

Do my website slowdown because of image size?

Image size certainly has an effort on the speed on your website.

Page load speed relies upon numerous variables extending from your site host to site format and plan. The sites having less than 2 seconds load speed are generally preferred by its customers. Thus, in the event that you are using image optimizer to compress the images of your site – which alone weighs approximately 64% of your site’s weight, you will be improving your site speed.

This gives your website visitors a quicker experience; accordingly more clients would connect with your product and services. There are numerous tools which can help you in analyzing your web page load speed, for example, Google’s PageSpeed Insights, Web Page Test, and Image Kit’s Website Analyzer, which will give you complete bits of knowledge about your website / webpages.

Why is image optimization important?

Image compressor / optimizer helps in improving page load speed, supports sites’ SEO positioning, and improves customer experience.

Engages Customers

The importance of images in associating customers to your products is something not to be taken for granted. For instance, if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, customers are bound to skip it, which will definitely increase your bounce rate, and in the long run influence your revenue and sales.

By simply image optimizing your site pictures you can improve your page load speed, and give a superior customer experience. When your website is quick it’s likely that your customer will invest more energy there.

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