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A QR code generator is a product which stores information into a QR code (for instance a book or a site address). For example this can be effectively finished with our online QR code generator simply make a QR code by composing in your information and download it as high goals PNG. Presently you may download your free QR code in various level, sizes and margins.

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QR code generator

The QR code generator is software that stores data into the QR code. You can use the Open Source code to generate codes if you have a smart developer but,  luckily you don’t need to be a developer as QR code generator are available in a larger amount in the market.  Advanced  QR Code generator can design, customize, manage and track QR codes

The QR code generator is completely straightforward, functional and easy to use. The QR generator will simply scan the code without any QR code scanning app and QR code read software.

Our QR code generator is completely free that can be used by anyone for their commercial use.  We generate both Static and Dynamic QR codes. You can generate any number of codes as per the requirement without any restrictions. We help you to take your business to its next level by bringing great conversions. Our QR generator has 5 data types that can be utilized to generate functional and non-expiring QR codes.

Dynamic QR Code – It contains a short URL that will redirect the user to the respective destination. The destination can be changed whenever required. The changes can be done even after the marketing material has been printed. This dynamic QR code is very flexible and enables you to react towards the changes made in the campaign.

Static QR Code – As the name implies the data in the static QR code are fixed. The destination of the static QR code cannot be changed once encoded. Any typo in the encoded data cannot be changed at any cost.

How to create a QR Code?

Below are the simple steps that guide to create a QR code

  • Select the type of the QR Code – choose the required data type for your QR code
  • Add the content to the code – depending upon the data type chosen write the content for the QR code.
  • Dynamic or Static QR Code – choose the type of QR Code that is to be generated
  • Style your QR Code -Customize your QR Code by changing the appearance of the code
  • Download your QR Code – Download the completed QR Code.

We provide you the best services of generating QR code for your business by considering your requirements. We help you to stay advanced with the developing technology with 5 best QR data types in order to encode the right destination for your QR Codes.


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